Ella was born & raised on the north side of Chicago and now lives in New York.

She spent three years in northern Michigan studying theatre & dance at Interlochen Arts Academy. After graduating with honors she promptly moved to the ecological opposite of the woods – Manhattan.

Since then she has worked as a DJ, studied at the Moscow Art Theatre School, learned to play the accordion, and collaborated on a lot of theatre. This spring will graduate from Fordham Lincoln Center with a B.A. in Theatre Performance. She is also the administrative assistant of Doghouse Ensemble Theatre.

Some of her favorite credits include The Wolves, The Most Massive Woman Wins, The Eccentricities of a Nightingale, and several new plays.

Before 2030 she wants to play Hamlet, Annabella, learn German, act for Sophia Coppola, make new work in the style of Dmitry Krymov and hike the Adirondacks (if there’s time)


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