Photo by Max Hardman

Hi there!

I grew up just outside of Chicago and now live in New York City.  At the ripe age of fifteen I transferred to Interlochen Arts Academy to complete high school with a major in theatre performance, and concentration on classical texts and dance. After graduating with honors I promptly moved to the ecological opposite of the northern Michigan woods: Manhattan.

Since then I have worked as a DJ, studied at the Moscow Art Theatre, learned to play the accordion, and collaborated on a lot of theatre. I graduated from Fordham University Lincoln Center with a B.A. in Theatre Performance. I also serve as the administrative assistant of Doghouse Ensemble Theatre.

Some of my favorite credits include The Wolves, The Most Massive Woman Wins, The Eccentricities of a Nightingale, and several new plays.

Before 2030 I want to play Hamlet and Annabella, learn German, act for Sophia Coppola, make new work in the style of Dmitry Krymov and hike the Adirondacks (if there’s time).


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